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How long is a Jimmy Jib?

The arm of the Jimmy Jib is made of 3ft sections which quickly bolt together.  The standard Jimmy Jib can be 6ft, 9ft, 12ft, 15ft or 18ft in length (from fulcrum to camera).  By adding the "Extreme kit", this extends the length to 21ft, 24ft or 30ft.

Can the remote head be operated from a desk/with wheels?

Jimmy Jibs are one-man operated - the controls for the remote head are operated by the jib operator as they swing the arm.  Unfortunately this means the head cannot be operated by a DOP/operator from  a desk.  Our Jimmy Jib operators are experienced camera operators having worked on many commercials, dramas, music promos etc. 

Why is it called a Jimmy Jib?

The inventor of the Jimmy Jib was called Jim.

What camera can you use with a Jimmy Jib?

Almost any camera and lens will work with the Jimmy Jib: Arri Alexa/LF etc., Sony Venice, Sony HDCs etc.  Smaller cameras such as DLSRs aren't suitable for use on the Jimmy Jib.

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