The Jimmy Jib is a cost-effective and versatile camera crane perfect for a wide range of productions whether on location or in the studio, drama or commercial, music promo or entertainment.

Due to its modular construction, the jib's arm can be built from as short as 6ft to as long as 30ft.  And with a payload of up to 27kg, the Jimmy Jib is capable of taking most combinations of camera and lens.  

The Jimmy Jib operator has complete control of the jib - simultaneously swinging the arm and controlling the pan/tilt head to execute the shot.  When working with 2/3" cameras the operator will also have control of the zoom and focus.


From slow, controlled moves on a drama to a fast-paced music video, the Jimmy Jib is an incredibly adaptable camera crane.  And it's super quick to rig, reposition and reconfigure, meaning much greater utilisation during the shoot.

Below is detailed information regarding the various lengths of Jimmy Jib or, for more information, please get in touch:



07525 865 488

Arri Alexa Mini with a Cooke S2 Prime on a 21ft Jimmy Jib



The Jimmy Jib is constructed of 3ft sections with the overall length of the arm measured from the fulcrum to the camera. 

The Standard Jimmy Jib kit offers 6ft, 9ft, 12ft, 15ft and 18ft lengths.

The "Extreme" Jimmy Jib kit allows 21ft, 24ft and 30ft.


The overall length of the jib is slightly greater - please click here for Jimmy Jib footprints and safe working areas.

6ft (Standard)


9ft (Standard Plus)


12ft (Giant)


15ft (Giant Plus)


18ft (Super)


21ft (21ft)


24ft (Super Plus)


30ft (Extreme)



The 6ft, 9ft and 12ft Jimmy Jib uses one rear section:

Jimmy Jib Footprint 1, 90 degrees.png
Jimmy Jib Footprint 1, 180 degrees.png
Jimmy Jib Footprint 1, 360 degrees.png

The 15ft, 18ft, 21ft and 24ft uses two rear sections:

Jimmy Jib Footprint 2, 90 degrees.png
Jimmy Jib Footprint 2, 180 degrees.png
Jimmy Jib Footprint 2, 360 degrees.png

The 30ft Extreme Jimmy Jib uses three rear sections:

Jimmy Jib Footprint 3, 90 degrees.png
Jimmy Jib Footprint 3, 180 degrees.png
Jimmy Jib Footprint 3, 360 degrees.png

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