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Our Jimmy Jibs are always supplied with a highly experienced Jimmy Jib operator and a Jimmy Jib technician to ensure your shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

The standard Jimmy Jib package has everything needed for the majority of productions.  It includes:

  • 2x crew: Jimmy Jib camera operator and Jimmy Jib technician

  • Jimmy Jib Triangle/Triangle Pro crane (up to 18ft in length) with pan/tilt head

  • 17" HD monitor 

  • 7"  HD TX monitor

  • Zoom, focus and iris control for Canon and Fujinon TV and Cine-servo lenses 

  • Three-wheeled Jimmy Jib rolling base

  • Wet weather covers

  • Battery support


From £1,270 +VAT per day (based on 10 hrs, not including delivery/collection)

The Extreme Jimmy Jib (up to 30ft) package is as above plus:

  • Additional sections to allow the arm of the jib to be built to 21ft, 24ft or 30ft in length

  • Four-wheeled Jimmy Jib rolling base

From £1,410 +VAT per day (based on 10 hrs, not including delivery/collection)


The following chargeable equipment may be added depending on production requirements:

  • Studio ped base at £75 per day

  • Jimmy Jib track and dolly base

  • Pro Dolly Base - roll-on and roll-off base for use with track

  • Zoom and focus control for cine lenses

  • 10" autocue/confidence monitor

To discuss the best package for your production or to obtain a detailed quote, please contact Joe:

07525 865 488

Jimmy Jib Triangle Pro in a TV studio

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