Information about the lengths, lens heights, clearances and maximum camera payloads of the Jimmy Jib.

The Jimmy Jib is built in 3ft sections with the length of the arm measured from the fulcrum to the camera.  However, the entire length of the Jimmy Jib is actually slightly greater due to the counter-balancing rear sections.


Please click here for Jimmy Jib footprints and safe working areas.


6ft Jimmy Jib

9ft Jimmy Jib


12ft Jimmy Jib


15ft Jimmy Jib

18ft Jimmy Jib


21ft Jimmy Jib


24ft Jimmy Jib


30ft Jimmy Jib



The 6ft, 9ft and 12ft Jimmy Jib uses one rear section:

The 15ft, 18ft, 21ft and 24ft uses two rear sections:

The 30ft Extreme Jimmy Jib uses three rear sections:

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